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Deb completes a Feng Shui Course with pride….Deb explains her reasons why.

“From the beginning of my teenage years, I had a natural liking for Interior Design but didn't really understand what it all meant. While always having a natural flare, as the years went on to ‘make my house my home’, I didn't really get into the design industry until my mid thirties and I embarked on my own business in my early forties.

Still not understanding anything about energy flow, colours and balance but 'just knowing it intuitively' kept me very busy with plenty of clients and great projects. I know I have a natural flare for energy flow, colours and balance and a great appreciation and understanding for quality and a timeless look (classical contemporary). Naturally, as I have matured and understand that I am at one with what I do, Feng Shui seemed the next best step - to understand why.. and how. Interestingly, this totally backs my spiritual nature. To me, Feng Shui is the master of all things good - for the greater good in balance with life.”


View the edition of Junction Magazine below to see Deb Crowe being interviewed on Page 39 for "Women in Business"

Our Advert in the December 2018 issue of Junction Magazine

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Our Advert in the November 2018 issue of Junction Magazine


Our Advert in the October 2018 issue of Junction Magazine

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Our Advert in the August 2018 issue of Junction Magazine

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